Birthday Girl arrived home with her entourage of young, vibrant, beautiful ladies! The house was filled with sounds of laughter and happiness! Although, I was still nursing my guilt for not having been able to attend the National Women's Day function at Kololo Airstrip; the arrival of this entourage of women more than justified the ‘rain-check’. Staying at home and playing hostess to women is indeed an honorable way to spend the day.

As the entourage settled in, it sounded like a shouting matchwas taking place in the living room where the entourage had convened! All my attempts at eavesdropping did not avail much, I could not make head or tail of their loud, coded conversations...the terms being used were gibberish…perhaps I should blame this on the Generation Gap. Instead, I decided to concentrate on the document on my laptop.

After a while, the Birthday Girl invited me to join the group. I am not sure whether it was reliefor trepidation that I felt then, nevertheless, I shyly joined them. It was a perfect day, the sun was bright the tent was coolish, and girls’ conversations was decoding, thanks to the red wine and Baileys; I found myself slipping and fitting right in with them. Generation what?...forgotten!

" Staying at home and playing hostess to women is indeed an honorable way to spend the day."

It soon came to my realization that there was more than one ‘Jacky’ among them, there were actually three of them…just to make my participation more seamless, I chose not ask for their names, but followed closely to their giggles, howls and scowls. (Had I mentioned the Bailey’s and the wine?) At some point I attempted to ask one of them for her husband's name, up to now I don’t know why I tried because it is very unlikely that I would know him. She did tell me the name, but all I recall was “Sweety’, because the girls loudly announced to her Sweety was calling when her phone rang. It was great company, the joviality made me feel younger. Something I was in need of after a prolonged political campaign season.

The climax of the function was the cutting of the cake. Birthday girl looked so sweet in her yellow top and blue pants. I looked at her and reminisced 40 years ago; when I delivered a beautiful bouncing baby girl in Nsambya Hospital. ...... I recall how I had carried this delicate gift from God in my arms and had marveled at her smooth, brown skin and curly long hair. She was so cute and now she hadmetamorphosed into a beautiful woman. I thanked God for having given me life to have witnessed my daughter turning 40. I thanked God then, for her and her 6 siblings, their spouses and sweet grandchildren!!!

The Conclusion

On 8th March, 2016, Women’s day, in Nakyesanja, Galabi, Muduuma, in the company of these seven young ladies, at the glorious age of 60, I realized that this was by far the best Women's Day in years, (most of them having been spent watching women of different walks of life in parades and listening to repetitious speeches). I realized on that day how blessed I was as a woman and I thanked God. I hope that you too, dear woman reader appreciate the blessings of God, for they must be there on every life, no matter how hidden.