In my first Blog entry I thought I would tell you a little bit about Twezimbe Development Association (TDA). Why Twezimbe? Because I believe this ‘baby’ of mine would give you some insight into the person that I am, and what I consider of great importance as a woman, as a mother, as a Ugandan.

Twezimbe Development Association (TDA) is a non-profit Community Based Organization with emphasis on Health (general, HIV/AIDS, maternal), Education, Water and Sanitation, Women and Youth. TDA was registered in Mawokota North and its initial, target beneficiaries, were the people of Mawokota North.

The idea behind the conception of this organization was to create a platform for socio-economic transformation for the people. During my tenure as PPS to the President of Uganda, I realized that NRM had created great policies and strategies for poverty alleviation and socio-economic development, however the impact of these ingenious programs was not being felt by the grass-root communities; the primary beneficiaries. This realization coupled with the burden for the poor, the disadvantaged, the marginalized specifically in Mawokota North County, led me to the decision to do something beyond the simplistic income generation projects within the locale of my village. That is how the idea of a non-profit Community Based Organization called Twezimbe was born. Twezimbe literally translated from Luganda is “Let us build ourselves”

"The idea behind the conception of this organization was to create a platform for socio-economic transformation for the people."

Since its establishment in 2009, TDA, now operating under Twezimbe Development Foundation has brought hope to the people of Mawokota North County. This organization has attracted donors from various scopes of life because of its wide foot-print in Mawokota (North).

My dream is to start rolling out TDA programs to the rest of Uganda within the next few years. I dream of basic health services being accessible to all, modern hospitals with sufficient drugs; safe motherhood, healthy babies, financially stable homesteads, economically active and self-reliant youth, basic education for all, proactive environment conservation, economically empowered women…I can go on about my dreams. They are big and daunting; but like President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf once said; ‘If your dreams don’t scare you, they are not big enough’. So I am going to keep dreaming in the hope that TDA will accomplish these dreams, sooner than later.

The Conclusion

I am impassioned about Twezimbe, and if my passion has managed to stir just a bit of your interest, you can learn more about Twezimbe by clicking on this Twezimbe Link . One of the ways we say good-bye in Luganda is “Kankomewo” meaning I shall return. So here’s to you dear Reader…. Kankomewo!