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Transforming The Political Landscape


The study of African states has proved that Politics involves the understanding of governance, governing ideologies, forms of political pluralism and lip-service on promises for better livelihood.

When I joined politics as Member of Parliament for Mawokota North in 2010, my focus was to be on service delivery philanthropically. Fortunately, prior to my assumption to politics, I had established an NGO called Twezimbe Development Foundation for socio-economic development for the people of Mawokota North. This foundation is premised on the following principals;

  1. Non-partisan.
  2. Representation of Volunteers at the grass root level.
  3. Focus on enhancing of socio-economic activities.
  4. Unity inspite of religion

I applied the above principles to my leadership of Mawokota North and successfully managed to register some achievements:

  • Health projects especially maternal health and HIV.
  • Education - refurbishing schools; sponsorship in Institutions of Higher learning, etc.
  • Promoting talents like sports, music and vocational skills.
  • Sensitizing and equipping communities in skills and agricultural inputs like hoes, seedlings etc.
  • Supporting religious institutions;
  • Water and sanitation, and others.
  • I would like to state that my approach towards politics is a paradigm shift from the ordinary politics of Africa and it has satisfied my personal ambition and desire which has been to uplift people’s standards of living and addressing the issue of poverty by investing in socio-economic activities that will empower the people. I also believe that development is not sectarian.

    The Motto for Twezimbe Development Foundation is; “Obusobozi obulina” which means, “You have a potential” to achieve your aspirations. My Manifesto is attached