As part of my routine work as a Member of Parliament for Mawokota North, the mechanism I apply it to every village and support the elderly with basic needs,visit projects and governemnt programs and thereafter hold a rally where I conduct a Baraza to capture my constituents' views and concerns. I also give my accountability and plan as MP.

I utilize this opportunity to fulfill outstanding pledges and thereafter serve the population with a meal,drinks and entertain them to music.

On 29.03.2019, I visited various projects and elderly whom I helped with basic needs from Kakoola and Ward 'C' parishes in Mpigi Town Council. At them main rally , I fulfilled the outstanding pledges namely; bicyles,spray pumps,motor bike,balls,plates,saucepans, and plastic chairs.

I will continue with these tours in Mpigi and Kamengo in immediate future. I have already covered two Sub Counties; Muduuma and Kiringente in my first tenure as MP.